Below are the costs for IVF clinics located in Tennessee. There are a few important things to keep in mind while looking at the survey results.

  • Don’t make your decision solely on cost. You will need to research the clinic to ensure they offer the procedures you need, they have safe medical practices, they have good success rates, and more. Consult SART.org for success rates.
  • Just because a clinic is expensive does not mean they are high quality, and conversely, just because a clinic is cheap does not mean they are poor quality. Again, do your research.
  • The costs listed are out of pocket, self-pay costs, not accounting for insurance. For those who have insurance coverage for IVF, that is amazing! You’ll have to contact the clinic directly though to see how much they charge, since the charges are usually different with insurance.
  • The IVF pricing includes solely the IVF cost, not any preliminary diagnostic testing or initial consults.
  • The costs listed are for using the patient’s own eggs and the patients significant other’s sperm. You will need to contact the clinic for information about surrogacy, donor eggs, donor sperm, or other such services.
  • Medication prices typically vary for each patient, the number listed is either only an average or what one specific patient paid.
  • The prices listed are not set in stone. Some were found directly on the clinics’ website, but most were found via previous IVF patients survey responses. The survey asked many questions about hidden and extra fees. While the hope is that all pertinent information was obtained accurately, some things may have been missed.
  • Under the known extra services column, if a price is not listed for the service then it is most likely included in the IVF cost.
  • The information, unfortunately, is not exhaustive. There are more clinics in each state than listed below (see here for more clinics in your state). Additionally, some clinics have locations across multiple cities and states, but are only listed under one city/state here.
  • If you would like to participate in the survey so we can add more results below, click here. Happy searching!


Clinic City State Cost Extra Costs Known Extra Services Medication Cost FET Cost Notes
The Fertility Center Chattanooga TN $10,000 Embryo Freezing Unknown
Tennessee Reproductive Medicine Cookeville TN $13,325 ICSI $3500-5000 $3,600 Money back guarantee available
ETSU Fertility and Women’s Services Johnson City TN $8,500 Unknown Extra Costs $2,500
Fertility Center Knoxville TN $12,000 $4,500
Fertility Associates of Memphis Memphis TN $10,621 Unknown Extra Costs ICSI $1000, Embryo Freezing $3,500
Nashville Fertility Clinic Nashville TN $12,183 ICSI, Embryo Freezing $12,552